Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate and Research

Doctoral Degree (PhD)

Currently we specialize in Indigenous Knowledge Systems(IKS), Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Technology Education and HIV/AIDS and Science Education.

Entry to the programme is by written application and interview. Students wishing to apply must have a MEd or equavilant degree, in which at least 50% of the degree compromise a research project. They should submit a curriculum vitae with references, and a proposal of the doctoral research they intend to do. They should have an average of at least 60% in their Masters degree, including a minimum of 60% in their research project.

Note that the entry into this programme is highly competitive and students go through a selection procedure.


Contact the PhD Faculty Officer
Mrs. Nomusa Ndlovu
Tel:  031 260 7865  031 260 7865
Fax: 031 260 4594

Masters Degree (M.Ed)

We have a flexible and a modular programme for coursework Masters Degree. The system involves a semesterized modular approach that allows students to choose from Science
Education, Mathematics Education and Technology Education.

Our modules allow students to construct a programme with a balance of taught modules, projects and research work to suit their needs. In addition, students may select a limited number of modules from the postgraduate offerings in other departments and may also include independent study and an internship in their programme.

When students register, they are recruited into a particular programme, each of which has its own criteria for selection. All specialist programmes have minimum compulsory requirements. These relate to the minimum proportion of research work and the minimum number of credits that must be earned in the area of specialization.

To be considered for selection, prospective students must be in a possession of a Bachelor of Education Honours or equivalent qualification.

Contact the M.Ed Faculty Administrator
Ms Bongekile Bhengu
Tel:  031 260 3436  031 260 3436
Fax:031 260 4594

Bachelors Degree Honours (B.Ed Hons)

This is a 1 year full -time and 2 year part-time qualification which prepares students for further postgraduate study by developing research related skills and also contribute to their professional development with regards to teaching Science and Mathematics Education and Technology Education.

SSMTE is currently taking part-time students only. We have an intake every second year (Next intake in 2010).
Three modules are generic:
1. Understanding Research,
2. In dependent Research and
3. Understanding Academic Literacy.

Students will do the following compulsory Courses and may elect to take a module from any specialization:

Maths and Science Education
1. Assessment in Science and Maths Education,
2. Curriculum Development in Science and Maths,
3. Issues in Science and Maths Educatio
4. Teaching and Learning Science and Maths Education.

Technology Education
1. Design for Technology Education
2. Research in Technology Education
3. Curriculum Development in Technology Education
4. Indigenous Science and Technology Education

Contact the B.Ed Hons
Ms Bongekile Bhengu
Tel: 031 260 3436  031 260 3436
Fax: 031 260 4595